El Faro
café &
ice cream parlour



Welcome to Café El Faro, come and enjoy a unique location, placed in the incomparable Puerto de Mazarrón bay, a spot you should not miss. Since its opening in 1966, our café is one of the emblematic landmarks of Puerto de Mazarrón. This enforces a continuous improvement in our installations and our services. We are committed to offer a high quality service to our clients together with an unforgettable experience in their spare time or holidays.

We open during Easter week (Wednesday to Sunday) and every weekend of May (Saturdays and Sundays). In Summer, we are open every day, from the second week of June until the end of September. We are open between 15.30 in the afternoon until late at night.

Surprise you and make you enjoy each and everyone of your senses. These are the principles which guide our daily work.

They have always been and will continue being a matter of quality. For us, taking care of the quality of our products is taking care of our clients. That is our first priority and we are constantly looking for ways to improve it.

Our reason to exist. When our clients enjoy themselves we enjoy it together and we feel particularly satisfied of contributing to a positive experience during those one-off holidays, to those unforgettable leisure moments. It is true that our work begins with the commitment of a perfectly prepared beverage, but it is a lot more than that, in reality, it is about enjoying every moment.


When our clients feel at ease, our terraces turn into their oasis, a parenthesis around the daily concerns, a meeting point with their family and friends. Here you can enjoy life at your own pace: sometimes savouring it calmly and some others passing by, but always immersed in the best atmosphere.

A wide range of coffee drinks, elaborated with care, using the best natural Colombian coffee. High-quality ice cream and surprising milkshakes, which will satisfy even the most demanding client. Exclusive cocktails and spirits. Our refreshing swimming pool terrace. A curated music selection and wifi hotspot, with free Internet access for our clients.